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Why Does Garage Floor Epoxy Paint Flake?

The Truth Behind Garage Floor Epoxy Flakes and Bubbles

In truth, when applied properly and by a professional, epoxy floor paint is durable and long-lasting. So, why do so many homeowners experience bubbling and flaking floor paint? Here’s the top 3 reasons.

The Concrete Wasn’t Thoroughly Cleaned in Preparation

Epoxy paint works by forming a tight bond with the surface it’s applied to. When applied to an unclean surface, the epoxy will bind to the dirt and debris but not to the floor itself. This results in flaking and bubbling in the areas where dirt has collected.The concrete must be thoroughly scrubbed to remove dirt, not only from the surface, but hidden within the porous crevices as well.

The Concrete Wasn’t Porous Enough

In order for epoxy paint to bind, it requires a rough and porous surface. Some concrete floors may already be porous. However, many concrete floors require acid etching prior to applying epoxy paint. Acid etching concrete is the process of applying hydrochloric acid to the concrete and scrubbing it with a brush into the surface. This roughens up the surface, thereby giving the epoxy paint a better surface to bind to. Hydrochloric acid is very dangerous, however, and acid etching isn’t recommended for DIY purposes. It’s best to consult a professional to avoid damage to your floors or yourself.

The Concrete Wasn’t Fully Dry

Any moisture in the concrete is a recipe for disaster. Once epoxy paint has been applied, the moisture is unable to evaporate as normal. This results in flaking paint as water in the concrete is pulled to the surface. Concrete is highly porous and can be damp underneath, even when the top looks dry. After washing your concrete floors, set fans in the room and wait a full 48 hours, or up to a week in cold weather, to ensure the floors are fully dried.

When concrete is properly prepped, epoxy floor paint can last for decades. However, many DIY homeowners fail to conduct proper research in advance and rush through the process, missing crucial steps along the way. Provided care is taken to prep the concrete, your epoxy floor paint is guaranteed to last for many years to come.

Low Quality Epoxy Paint

There are many qualities and mixes of epoxy paint. Choose wisely. Depending on the contractor's epoxy brand preference, mixture and estimated costs of the job, you can have high to low quality epoxy paint in your garage. If ever in doubt, before applying the epoxy paint in your garage, ask your epoxy contractor about the brand and mixture of epoxy paint.

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