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Why Grey Garage Floor Epoxy with Flakes?

Grey with flakes is the most common garage floor epoxy for a reason. Of course, there is the fact that concrete is gray, so using grey epoxy keeps your floor looking concrete like. Epoxy is also an excellent choice for flooring because it is so durable and is extremely easy to maintain. There are many other reasons you should choose grey epoxy to finish your garage floor. Let’s take a look at what they are.

Benefits of Color

Gray is a good neutral color. It also has the benefit of hiding dirt easily. If you use your garage a lot, you will appreciate how it stays looking good while you are working.

Benefits of Garage Floor Epoxy Flakes

While you can always use just regular grey epoxy on your garage floor, you also can use broadcast flakes on your floor. Broadcast flakes help make your floor look like it belongs in a showroom. They also add a small amount of non-slip properties to the epoxy. Furthermore, you have control over what color combination of flakes you use as well as how thick you want the flakes broadcasted.

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Benefits of Durability

One of the greatest things about an epoxy floor is that it is so durable. Epoxy does more than just paint over your concrete, it chemically bonds with the concrete, making it very long lasting. It also cures very hard, so is resistant to scratching and can handle being driven on or having tools dropped. Epoxy is also non-porous, so it does not absorb spills, and therefore does not stain. It is easy to clean, with just simple sweeping and occasional mopping being necessary.

Benefits of Anti Slip

Epoxy has anti-slip additives you can use. This will ensure that your garage floor is safe even if a spill has occurred. Since garages can be an area prone to oil spills and other chemical spills, this is a huge benefit.

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Benefits of Design and Aesthetics

A grey epoxy floor gives you a beautiful finish. Epoxy smooths over the floor, making it a flawless finish that is attractive. You can be proud to show off your showroom quality floor to friends and neighbors. You can also rest easy knowing your floor will hold its aesthetic appeal for years.

If you are considering redoing your garage floor, grey epoxy is a wonderful choice. You will be able to enjoy a floor that is beautiful. this is by for the most popular, functional, and very long-lasting garage floor epoxy coating.

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